Dean Stevens Made Our Day—And Our Year!

Dean Stevens performs at Duvall House Concerts on October 26, 2019

Dean Stevens gave us a wonderful finale to our 2019 concert year on October 26th. Click here for two videos and six photos of the evening.


Coming in 2020!

We’ve got four great shows planned already (February, April, and May). Please subscribe to our email alerts so you can nab seats as soon as reservations open.


About Duvall House Concerts

We call it “kick-ass music in a laid-back setting,” which pretty much says it all. This is not a business-related activity. We just love offering friends and guests fabulous live music in a relaxed home environment. Come visit us in the charming town of Duvall—under 40 minutes from Seattle—and enjoy a performance in the company of friendly people who appreciate great music!

We provide light refreshments (you’re welcome to bring food and beverage to share). There’s a requested donation of $25 (100% goes to the musicians). Please bring children only if they can sit quietly during the performance—we love them, but we don’t have a space where kids can be kids.

Why Are Reservations Required?

Our venue holds just 30 seats, so reservations are required. We encourage you to Reserve Seats ASAP! We’ll get right back to you with an email confirmation, including our address and other details. Pay when you arrive. “What if I have to cancel?” Just let us know right away. That’s important, because we’ll find someone to take your seat. A full house keeps the energy level high and ensures that our musicians are paid fairly.

Be well,

Tina Blade & Marc Hoffman