Special thanks to Miles & Karina!

Miles and Karina played the Duvall House Concerts Series on Saturday, January 27, 2018 Miles and Karina played the Duvall House Concerts Series on Saturday, January 27, 2018.We can’t imagine a better start to our 2018 season than the show presented by Miles & Karina on Saturday, January 27th. Their playing was superb and their stage presence uniquely funny and entertaining. It’s clear these two have enjoyed a long, warm relationship, and they easily drew the audience into that space, creating the neighborly feel that is our goal for all our shows.

Their second set—a live performance of their sound scores to the screening of silhouette animations by Lotte Reiniger—was a peak experience for us and, it would appear, our guests as well. Check out photos and videos of their performance on this show’s archive page.
If you missed them, or want more, be sure to amble over to their website, www.MilesAndKarina.com, where you’ll find their CDs and a list of upcoming gigs.


Watch this space for news of our next house concert!


About Duvall House Concerts

We call it “kick-ass music in a laid-back setting,” and that pretty much says it all. We want you to have the rare and wonderful experience of hearing great music in a relaxed home environment. Come visit us in the charming town of Duvall—just 40 minutes from Seattle— and enjoy the performance in the company of friendly people who appreciate fabulous music!

We provide light refreshments (you’re welcome to bring food and beverage to share). There’s a requested donation of $20, which goes directly to the musicians.

Why Are Reservations Required?

Our venue is small (30 seats), so reservations are required. We encourage you to Reserve Seats ASAP! We’ll get right back to you with an email confirmation, including our address, directions, and additional details. You pay when you arrive. All we ask is that you let us know if you need to cancel.